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Business Internet Services


JDB电子 Communications提供广泛的服务-从互联网连接到主要和备份规划的传输解决方案. However, being that the needs of businesses vary greatly, we provide solutions to fit the needs of each individual situation.

我们的服务涵盖了从互联网基础设施到交通解决方案再到后备规划的方方面面. What makes us a notch above the rest is we don’t provide a blanket solution. JDB电子 recognizes that every business has varying needs, so we provide services tailored to the industry and operations of each client.


Which carrier service solutions are right for your business? 哪些运营商最适合您的位置、业务结构和IT基础设施?


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As companies become more digital, more global, and more virtual, 高性能和可靠的光纤服务成为组织的战略优势. 利用正确的运营商和正确的经济有效的解决方案,组织可以交付数据, information, 和应用程序安全可靠地通过局域网和广域网. We’ll help you determine the best FIBER solution for your business, vet the best providers in your area, see the implementation through to the end, and will be your single-point-of-contact for all your FIBER service needs.


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Business Cable Services provide companies with robust solutions for phone, internet, Ethernet, and cable television networks. 与传统运营商相比,有线技术和基础设施提供了巨大的带宽, utilizing advanced HFC (hybrid fiber coax) networks. 此外,与同类解决方案相比,有线网络的可靠性是无与伦比的. JDB电子 partners with the top cable companies in the U.S. and can offer your business the best cable solution, with the best service, at the most competitive prices.


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固定无线解决方案支持高达200+ Mbps的吞吐量,并为关键数据提供可靠性. This also allows businesses to: Extend networks to nearby buildings; Utilize the latest digital wireless technology at a fraction of the cost and time required to extend fiber optic cabling; Scale the technology to grow with the business; and maintain flexibility with versatile functionality.

Beyond customized solutions, JDB电子还将使用全面的方法评估您的整个IT基础设施,以审查您当前的IT和技术费用以及业务流程. We present a customized, 简单而完整的解决方案,满足您公司的预算和生产力要求.

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Leveraging SD-WAN to Optimize and Secure Your Network

Software Defined Wide Area Network or SD-WAN is one of the most game-changing technologies introduced to business technology. While it is revolutionary, 市场炒作和夸张的推销会混淆事实和虚构之间的界限. 因此,一些企业产生了误解,这可能会损害他们的运营.


Here’s a short video explaining the core functions of SD-WAN. If you’re curious about how it applies to your specific business operations, then reach out to us; we’d be happy to explain it to you.


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我们拥有超过100个供应商协议,可以为您的每一个可能的业务需求提供解决方案. You are busy running your business so we can handle vendor selection, contract negotiations and any ongoing support you may need.

A trusted and single point of contact for fewer headaches.2021-03-15T15:30:04-04:00

Everything is perfect until the day you have an issue, 你只是太忙了,没有时间处理出现的问题,很多时候甚至不知道该给谁打电话. 这是我们的关系真正重要的时候,我们是您值得信赖的,也是您所有技术服务的单一联系人.

Greater leverage in negotiations and service issues resolutions.2021-03-15T15:30:53-04:00

We currently have over 400 clients and more than 25 years of experience. 由于我们的影响力和关系,我们可以为客户谈判更优惠的价格和条款. Our clients know we always have their best interest at heart.

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我们每周花几个小时进行行业培训、认证和新产品发布. 这向我们的客户保证,我们始终处于最新技术的最前沿,可以帮助我们的客户更有效地发展他们的业务. 我们这样做是我们对客户承诺的一部分,他们将永远是技术准备好解决任何业务需求.

Gain a trusted advisor as an extension of your team.2021-03-15T15:31:53-04:00

Here is the bottom line; we provide valuable resources to our clients and in most cases even save them money on services they are using and need to run their businesses. 为了更好地了解我们为现有客户提供的服务,我们鼓励您访问我们的 Testimonial page.

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    Don’t take it from us. Our clients can tell you!

    Emilio and his team are awesome! I have been working with them for quite some time and JDB电子 has never let us down. They are the perfect partner to help us source and manage our telecom needs. I’ve worked with a lot of companies in the past, but none of them provided the service that Emilio does. He’s quick, thorough and offer solutions. That’s what I need in a partner. #bestofthebest

    Nancie Dudash, Chief Operating Officer, Quest Workspaces

    I have worked with the JDB电子 team for over 7 years now. They have been a valued asset and trusted advisor for me in the telephony space. Through the years they have expanded their service portfolio to meet my needs. JDB电子 will always be at the table when I am making my technology decision.

    Leterron Lewis, Director of Information Technology, Palm Medical Centers

    埃米利奥和拉斐尔帮我们建立了商业互联网和VoIP电话系统,他们合作得很好. They responded quickly and made sure to get us up and running as smoothly as possible. 拉斐尔定期跟进,以确保我们没有问题,并对我们使用的服务保持满意.

    Francisco Leon, Aran, Correa & Guarch, P.A.

    Emilio and the JDB电子 team are not only really good at what they do, but they are a truly caring and ethical company. 他们可以找到最好的服务提供商解决方案,而无需向您收取宝贵的咨询费用. If you think that you might be spending too much money on phone and internet service, or if you’re just tired of being on hold and shuffled around by Comcast and AT&T, you seriously need to give JDB电子 a call.

    Diane Moura, ZenChange Management Consulting

    Emilio和他在JDB电子的团队在帮助我们向更好的互联网服务提供商转变的过程中发挥了重要作用. 他们做了所有的跑腿工作,并提出了每个选项的利弊,同时作为联络人确保迁移是无缝的. 我们强烈推荐Emilio和JDB电子的团队,因为他们的专业和知识.

    Leo Gonzalez, Sharp Insurance Agency

    JDB电子 Solutions协助对银行的电信需求进行评估. Emilio和他的团队展示了他们对电信行业的深入专业知识,并能够提供一系列可行的替代方案. After the evaluation process concluded, JDB电子的售后支持堪称典范,因为他们在整个实施阶段都参与其中. I regard Emilio and JDB电子 Solutions as a trusted advisor.

    Roger Sosa, Vice President, Senior Operations and IT Officer, International Finance Bank
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